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Group courses

We offer courses at all levels.
One unit (UE) = 45 minutes.
For detailed information about the current schedule, please contact German Language Lab. We will be pleased to consult you.

Standard course (2 x 2 UE per week)

  • Duration 10 weeks (40 UE): € 550,-

  • Duration 15 weeks (60 UE): € 680,-

Intensive course (daily 4 UE)

  • Duration 4 weeks (80 UE): € 740,-

Grammar course (daily 2 UE) min. 2 Pax

  • Duration 1 week (10 UE): € 250,-

Conversation course (daily 2 UE) min. 2 Pax

  • Duration 1 week (10 UE): € 250,-

Business German course min. 2 Pax

  • 10 UE: € 250,-

Single-/couple courses

We offer all levels.
One unit (UE) = 45 minutes.
We’ll try to offer you private classes and couple classes as flexible as possible according to your busy schedule.

Private classes

  • 10 units: per UE € 44,-

  • 30 units: per UE € 40,-

  • 50 units: per UE € 36,-

Couple classes

  • 10 units: per UE € 50,-

  • 30 units: per UE € 46,-

  • 50 units: per UE € 42,-

Corporate courses

German Language Lab offers corporate language classes of any level at your convenience in your company or at German Language Lab. Before class, we will set up a first consultation and after we’ll carefully evaluate and analyse your needs. Together we will develop a suitable and individual solution for your goals and needs.

Price per unit = 62 Euro

Career coaching

As a foreigner in Germany you might face some difficulties regarding application processes, looking for a new professional challenge, finding the right words in your application letter and in job interviews. Every country has it’s own standards and rules. We kindly assist you to optimize your enclosures and to advise you on any kind of questions in regards to your occupation and future career in Germany.

Price per unit = 44 Euro

Intercultural courses

In times of globalization, employers do face many unknown problems.

  • Do you often work with Asian manufactures or do you often deal with Asian clients?

  • Would you like to build a bridge between the Asian and the Western mentality to create a better working environment and collaboration among employees and customers?

  • Would you like to acquaint yourself in advance with the Asian culture?

  • Do you plan a long-term stay in Asia, maybe for your job and therefore want to be well prepared?

As a German-Korean, born and raised in Germany, my knowledge about the differences among the Asian and the Western culture can contribute to solve your problems or optimize internal processes. Due to my long-time working experience for big Asian companies and many stays abroad in Asia, I am an excellent representative for both cultures. My outgoing personality, my background and my experience in Asian countries allow me to coach your employees and to act as a consultant between both cultures.

Price per unit = 44 Euro