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Stephani Jeong

As an experienced language trainer with a degree in translation studies, trained linguist and grammarian, I am very much engaged in languages, especially German. Born and bilingually raised in Germany, different languages have  always accompanied me throughout my life. Languages are my passion!

German is my mother tongue, but I am also fluent in English as well as in Korean. I have benefitted from living abroad and worked for many multinational companies.

My expertise and many years of experience as a language trainer qualifie me to teach German in a very efficient and easy way. Adapting to all specific needs and requirements of my students is highly important to me.




Aida is the second teacher at German Language Lab. She holds a degree in German studies and has many years of experience in teaching adults and children.

More than four years she was part of the project „Sprachmittler fördern“, initiated by the Goethe-Institute and the language institute Traduki.

Aida is an excellent teacher and is looking forward to meeting many new students!